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The Joy Christian Fellowship App is a powerful tool to help you stay connected to everything happening at the Manhattan and Englewood campuses. Some of the things you can expect from the app include:

1.    Giving: Online giving is here! With this new capability, making a one-time or recurring gift is both simple and secure.

2.    Media management: Sunday sermons will be automatically converted across all platforms and devices. You will also be able to cast media content via Apple TV and Google Chromecast, and listen to podcasts on your way to work.

3.    Event info and registration: You will be in the know of upcoming events, and registration for events will become a breeze.

4.    Notification: Do you want to know what’s going on in a specific ministry? You will have the capability to opt in for real-time notifications with group-specific communications.


Available for download through

The JOY App is actually called “The Church App” in the Google Play and Apple app stores and is published by Subsplash Inc. Alternatively, you can click the below buttons to access direct download links.

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